I design joyful digital products.

I’m a freelance product designer currently attending high school in Munich, Germany.


2018 · UI/UX, Branding

Cash is a banking app which allows you to have an overview for all of your bank accounts.
Simply receive and send money within the Cash app.

Cash App
Runr App


2018 · UI/UX, Branding

Runr helps you track your personal fitness and sports activities, keep on track with your friends' progress and listen to music while having a run. It started off as a personal fun project.


2018 · UI/UX, Branding

Gameleap is a new social media platform for gamers, created by a good friend of mine, Andreas Palmer. The goal is to connect gamers and creators with their audience and have an all in one profile.

Gameleap App
Curvert App


2018 · UI/UX, Branding

Curvert is a currency app where you can convert and check national currencies.

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Wait, who are you?

I'm a product designer from Munich, Germany.
My passion for design started at a very young age. Since then, I have been teaching myself many different types of design, from graphic design to illustration and so on. But one specific type fascinated me the most: product design. Since the age of ten, I've been dedicated to solving digital problems. On my journey I have met many different talented and very creative friends who inspire and motivate me every day and help me to grow as a designer and a person.

Besides pushing pixels on a daily basis, I find myself being enthusiastic for analogue and digital photography. Take a look on Behance to get an insight of my photography work.


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