About Readery

Readery is your personal digital reading assistant designed to help you discover new books, explore your friends' book collections and give you an at-a-glance overview of the books you've read and want yet to read.
It learns about your most favourite books and writers, your language abilities and other useful data to be be able to tailor book recommendations directly to your wishes. Just like Spotify.


Cognitive Analysis

1- Classical book discovery

The original, conventional way of recommending books to your friends and sharing them was associated with partly cumbersome efforts.

Coventional discovery

2- New book discovery

With today's technological possibilities, it has never been easier to give your friends an insight into your favourite books and authors.

As opposed to conventional book sharing, Readery gives you the ability to share your bookshelf with the world, eliminating the need for laborious double-checking.

Readery discovery

Design Process

1- Empathise

Before I started to design the app, I asked myself the following key questions:

- How did people originally recommend/share books?

- What does the user expect from such an app?

2- Conceptualise

I simply went for it, got inspired from many various sources and sketched what I felt was right at that moment.

In order to save users as much time and hassle as possible, I have devised easy ways to discover new potential books and keep them in mind.

3- Realise

I have executed the realisation in Sketch. The animations were primarily done using After Effects for a better understanding of how the concept would work in real usage.


Copyright & Intellectual Property — © Emre Karataş 2020

Copyright & Intellectual Property — Emre Karataş 2020